Great Information about Durham and Raleigh’s Economic Growth- Shared Article!

11 09 2012

Take a peek at recent news shared today!!  The growth shown in Durham and Raleigh strikes again, helping the economics of these great cities real estate markets.  While housing sales may have slid down a little bit, other recent statics have reported over the past few months they have improved.

If you are thinking of moving up, down sizing or even purchasing your first home, this information just confirms that today may be the day to start looking at your housing options.  You can begin your search easy at our online MLS search on our easy website.  Treeline Properties and Realty has a great team of experienced agents with a joint experience of over 30 years in the Raleigh real estate market.  Please give us a call and search our website for easy tips to sell your home or purchase a home.

List: Top 10 healthiest economies in America

Triangle Business Journal by G. Scott Thomas

Date: Monday, September 10, 2012, 2:34pm EDT – Last Modified: Monday, September 10, 2012, 4:15pm EDT

Durham has one of the strongest economies in America, according to a new index developed by American City Business Journals.

Dubbed the On Numbers Economic Index, it measures the economic health of 102 major metropolitan areas. The index is generated by an 18-part formula that assesses private-sector job growth, unemployment, earnings, housing-price appreciation, and construction and retail activity.

The Bull City ranked No. 12 on the index, the highest of any North Carolina city. Federal data show Durham’s one-year private sector growth was at 1.87 percent and the city’s unemployment rate was about 7.9 percent, far below the state average. The City of Medicine enjoyed a 41 percent growth in earnings in a five-year period, but home values during the same time fell by more than 3 percent.

Raleigh came in at No. 32, even though it had a higher a one-year private sector growth, at 4.66 percent. But the Capital City lags Durham in five-year earnings growth with a paltry 12.31 percent gain. Percentage-wise, Raleigh’s housing market dropped farther than Durham’s with a five-year negative growth of 5.88 percent. North Carolina’s largest city, Charlotte, clocked in at No. 56 in the rankings.

Click on the slideshow at the right to see the index’s top 10 cities, and their score on the index, or click here for more.




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